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6 reasons why the AirTrack PRO STAR is the best investment you can make for your child:

AIROSTAR by AirTrack Factory
AIROSTAR by AirTrack Factory


Train Like Their Favourite Idols, and feel connected to them! 

Our products are almost entirely hand-made. On average, our AirTrack's last 2 times as long as other AirTrack's. In comparison to other brands, we focus on one time purchases and aim for durability. The AirTrack PRO STAR is: anti-slip, waterproof and shock absorbing.

AIROSTAR by AirTrack Factory


Belong to an Exclusive Community

By choosing the AirTrack PRO STAR, kids join a community of dedicated athletes who share the same dreams and aspirations. They'll feel a sense of confidence and pride knowing that they're part of an elite group, training with top-quality equipment.

AIROSTAR by AirTrack Factory


Motivation to Train Outdoors with a Premium AirTrack

The AirTrack PRO STAR's premium quality encourages children to get outside and train, making the most of their athletic potential. Its durable design withstands the rigors of outdoor use, allowing them to practice and perfect their skills in safe and various environments.

AIROSTAR by AirTrack Factory


Train With AirTrack Factory

AirTrack Factory is a World-Leading AirTrack brand you can found and the largest events, competitions, gymnastics gyms and have now developed a special Home & Outdoor Line with AIROSTAR by AirTrack Factory.

AIROSTAR by AirTrack Factory


Say Goodbye to ScreenTime!

Our research has shown that after parents bought a AirTrack PRO STAR 89% of children will play more outside instead of playiong with computers and consoles!

AIROSTAR by AirTrack Factory


Our reviews say enough.. 

With over 4000+ satisfied customers, our reviews showcases how many parents and children love our products. If you don't believe our words, listen to our customers.

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LOVED BY OVER 4000+ people all over Europe


100% Money Back Guarantee

Why choose AIROSTAR by Airtrack Factory?

AIROSTAR by AirTrack Factory

A World Leading AirTrack Brand


Approved By Olympic Gold Medallists


Partner & Sponsor of the Most Popular Institutes


Largest Community World-Wide


5 Years of Warranty

4.9 / 5.0 RATED BY 4000+ reviews