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AirTrack 6 Meter

AirTrack PRO STAR™ 20CM
Regular price€399,00 Verkaufspreis€279,00
Save 30%
AirTrack STAR™ 10CM
Regular price€299,00 Verkaufspreis€169,00
Save 43%
AirTrack PRO STAR™ Wide 1.5M
Regular price€699,00 Verkaufspreis€549,00
AirTrack PRO STAR™ Wide 2M
Regular price€849,00 Verkaufspreis€699,00

Airtrack 6 meter

AirTrack 6 meters: the benefits of a large size

When you think about extensive routines and jumps, the AirTrack 6 meters is exactly what you need. This impressive size provides ample space for both beginners and experienced gymnasts to showcase their skills. AIROSTAR's 6-meter AirTrack is not just an inflatable gymnastics mat; it's a true investment in your passion and development. So whether you want to practice an elaborate routine or simply enjoy extra space, this is the mat for you.

Buying a 6-meter AirTrack: designed for optimal performance

Do you want to buy a 6-meter long and 20 cm thick AirTrack? Look no further! At AIROSTAR, we understand the importance of quality and durability. That's why our 6-meter AirTrack is manufactured with a thickness of 20 cm for optimal shock absorption. Whether you choose the 20 cm thick 6-meter AirTrack or another variant, you can be assured of a product designed for top performance. The combination of our inflatable gymnastics mat technology and premium materials allows you to train with confidence and comfort

Why AIROSTAR 6-meter AirTrack?

It's simple: our 6-meter AirTrack stands out in many ways. From its generous length that provides all the freedom of movement you could wish for, to its robust construction that lasts for years. And with the guarantee of AIROSTAR's quality and service, you know you have a product you can trust. Waterproof, shock-resistant, and handcrafted are some of the features of our high-quality AirTracks. Available in four colors, namely yellow, purple, green, and blue, and with a width of 1, 1.5, or 2 meters.

A lasting investment in your passion

When you choose AIROSTAR's 6-meter AirTrack, you're choosing a product that is worth every penny. In addition to providing unparalleled space and comfort, our mat is also built to last. And with added benefits like a 20 cm thickness for extra comfort and support, it's clear that the 6-meter AirTrack is an essential piece of equipment for every gymnastics enthusiast. So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your training with AIROSTAR's 6-meter AirTrack!