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Airtrack 5 meter vs Airtrack 6 meter

Airtrack 5 meter vs Airtrack 6 meter

An airtrack is an inflatable tumbling mat that is used for gymnastics, cheerleading, and other activities that involve tumbling and flipping. The main difference between a 5 meter and a 6 meter airtrack is the length of the mat. A 5 meter airtrack is approximately 16.4 feet long, while a 6 meter airtrack is approximately 19.7 feet long.

Both sizes of airtrack can be used for a variety of activities, but the longer mat may be more suitable for certain skills that require more space, such as full twists or back handsprings. The shorter mat may be more portable and easier to store, and may be more suitable for use in smaller spaces. Ultimately, the best size for you will depend on your personal needs and preferences, as well as the space you have available for use.

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