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Artikkeli: Airtrack vs Trampoline: What's the Difference for Gymnasts?

Airtrack vs Trampoline: What's the Difference for Gymnasts?

Airtrack vs Trampoline: What's the Difference for Gymnasts?

Airtracks and trampolines serve the same purpose: their springy nature allows various gymnastic exercises and tricks. However, they're quite distinct. An airtrack, or inflatable gymnastics mat, for instance, is safer, more storable, and has adjustable air pressure. Let's delve into these differences and more!

What Exactly is an Inflatable Gymnastics Mat?

You're curious about the difference between an inflatable gymnastics mat and a trampoline. But first, what is an airtrack? It's a versatile inflatable mat for sports, games, and fun. You can pump in air, making the surface bouncier, enhancing your gymnastic performance. Trying a new move? Reduce the air for a softer, safer landing.

Trampoline vs Inflatable Gymnastics Mat: Spotting the Difference

Now that you're familiar with an inflatable gymnastics mat, let’s differentiate it from trampolines.

Safety Matters

Safety often tops our list when making decisions. This is the major distinction between trampolines and gymnastics mats. Trampoline-related accidents are frequent. According to RTL News, in 2020 alone, over 8,500 Dutch individuals ended up in the hospital due to trampoline mishaps, with many sustaining severe injuries.

Such incidents often arise from high falls. While airtracks also have a bouncy surface, their fall height is less. Moreover, an airtrack provides a softer, safer landing than trampolines.

Size: Storage-Friendly or Not

You can swiftly inflate an airtrack and deflate it for storage post-use. Assembling a trampoline, however, is time-consuming and isn't easily disassembled and stored. For those aiming to save space, an airtrack is ideal.

Suitable for All Seasons or Not

Trampolines are typically outdoor installations, limiting their use to fair weather. Conversely, you can inflate and utilize an airtrack indoors due to its compact size and easy storage.

Adjustable Bounce or Not

Trampolines have a fixed bounce level. On the other hand, you can soften an airtrack by releasing some air, allowing for safe practice of new moves. As you gain confidence, gradually increase the air. Thus, an inflatable gymnastics mat can be tailored to your needs—vital for disciplines like parkour and gymnastics. Thanks to its adjustable nature, it's perfect for practicing for upcoming competitions or shows.


For those not prepping for parkour or gymnastic competitions and just aiming for high jumps, a trampoline is the go-to. But remember, trampolines come with a risk of accidents. However, if your goals are to excel in gymnastics or parkour, prioritize safety, and save space, opt for an inflatable gymnastics mat.

Which airtrack should you choose? That depends on your preferences and budget. Airtracks are available in various sizes and price brackets. If undecided about the Airostar range, feel free to contact us or read our blog about our array of inflatable gymnastics mats.

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