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AirTrack 5 Meter

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AirTrack PRO STAR™ by AirTrack Factory 20CM
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AirTrack STAR™ By AirTrack Factory
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AirTrack PRO STAR™ Wide CARBON 1.5M
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Airtrack 5 meter

AirTrack 5 meters: your leap to top quality

When it comes to gymnastics and acrobatics, the quality and size of your equipment are essential. This is where the AirTrack 5 meters from AIROSTAR comes in handy. This beautiful inflatable gymnastics mat is a combination of durability, style, and functionality, making it an indispensable addition to any training space. Not only does the length provide you with all the space you need for extensive exercises, but the top-quality materials it's made of also ensure long-lasting use. For true gymnastics enthusiasts and professionals, AIROSTAR's 5-meter AirTrack is the perfect choice. A larger surface means more space to showcase your gymnastic skills, and with the AirTrack 5 meters, you have all the room you need

The benefits of a 5-meter-long AirTrack

With the 5-meter-long AirTrack, you have ample space for extensive routines, series of jumps, and even acrobatics. The extra length makes this inflatable gymnastics mat ideal for both individual training and team exercises. And the best part? The 5-meter AirTrack, 20 cm thick, provides you with that extra cushioning for a safe and comfortable workout. Both the 10 cm and the 20 cm thick 5-meter AirTrack versions are designed with an emphasis on protection and quality, ensuring you always have the best of AIROSTAR at your disposal.

A reliable choice for every gymnast

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gymnast, the 5-meter AirTrack is a reliable choice. It is not just an inflatable gymnastics mat but also made of durable materials that last a long time. So, when you think about buying a 5-meter AirTrack, think of AIROSTAR for quality and durability. Moreover, AIROSTAR is known for its excellent customer service and support, ensuring you always choose with confidence.

Choose quality and comfort with AIROSTAR

When choosing an AirTrack, you don't want to compromise on quality. With the 5-meter AirTrack from AIROSTAR, you get a top-quality inflatable gymnastics mat that is comfortable, durable, and safe. Moreover, our mats are easy to inflate and store. Choose the best and go for the 5-meter AirTrack from AIROSTAR, including a 5-year warranty! And don't forget: with an AIROSTAR AirTrack, you're investing in years of worry-free training and fun